Whispers Cottage (Custom)

Charlie   |    10 weeks   |   From Mum, Michaela


From the moment we met Marnie has provided 24/7 support to me. Her extensive knowledge on all things babies has been invaluable. Not a day goes by where I'm not in contact with her to seek her support and knowledge about the in's/out's of motherhood.


From the bottom of my heart I can't begin to thank Marnie for all that she has done, and continues to do, for me and my baby - who's now a thriving 5 month old, all thanks to Marnie.


I owe my sanity to Marnie :) Huge thanks to Whispers for your exceptional service, and for introducing Marnie to me! "


We love nothing more than hearing from our Mum's and Dad's and the effect our service has made on their lives.

Here is some of their stories...


Jack (Custom) tye (Custom)

Tye   |    11 months   |   From Mum, Tamara


"We had been considering help for quite a while, but just kept saying “It’ll work itself out”…. but it never did. My husband and I were both relieved the day Marnie walked through our door, and there have been massive changes since! Tye was waking up at 4:30 - 5am each morning and then waking up at each nap after only 20minutes. We couldn’t resettle him and he was constantly tired. He now sleeps in til at least 6:30am and has 2 good day sleeps...

Marnie has a warm and caring nature, which makes her perfectly suited for this job. She was non-judgmental and very supportive. ! I really wish we had found Marnie earlier. Thank-you so much Marnie!"

Jack   |    3 weeks   |   From Mum, Angela


"I called Whispers Cottage when Jack was 3 weeks old. He had been distressed and crying for long periods of time, up to 6 hours a night. Things weren't great for the both of us.

Marnie came to my house and observed me feed Jack and watch him settle. She knew straight away that Jack had silent reflux and possible colic....

We have such a happy baby now and a big part of that is due to Marnie. I feel so lucky to have met her and so grateful for the continuous help she has given me and my family."


Jesse   |    11 weeks   |   From Mum, Cathy


"Marnie came to our house when Jesse was 11 weeks old. He had been born 6 weeks premmie and after arriving home from special care had developed reflux. I had a 4 year old at home who had been a great sleeper, so it completely threw me when I could not develop a routine or have him self settle, even though the medication had the reflux under control.

Marnie, helped us with self settling and routines and from that day have never looked back. I got my sanity back, Jesse was sleeping through the night and our household was a MUCH happier one!"

Karen Evans

Zach   |    6 months   |   From Mum, Karen


"I decided to contact Whispers Cottage when my son was 6 mths old. I knew how lucky I was to have an excellent night sleeper, but during the day, my son was consistently upset and would only sleep for 20-40 mins. Marnie came out to my house and was an amazing listener!! She was incredibly supportive- gave me some sleep and settling techniques and also made some minor suggestions regarding his reflux medication and solids. Within a week, I finally had a baby who slept for up to 2 hours at a time, twice a day. Needless to say, he was much more content and happy too. Marnie's follow up calls for weeks after were also much appreciated! My only regret was not phoning them sooner. Happy bubba, happy mumma! Thanks Whispers"

Nich (Custom)

Nikoletta    |    6 months   |   From Mum, Georgia


"We had a few concerns with my 6 month old daughters sleeping patterns and bad habits we had created, being our first baby it was all exciting to rock her to sleep at first but realised it was becoming a concern when she would wake up 30 minutes later and notice we had put her down and cry until we picked her up again....

i came across Whispers Cottage and from the moment i made the call i knew i was in great hands!

Marnie was at my door within days and together we were able to plan out a set routine that included feeding times, nap times, play times that suited both myself and my daughter...  it’s been 3 months and I still find myself doing a dance when i hear my baby girl self settling to sleep and marks 2 hour naps during the day. Thank you Marnie and the team at Whispers Cottage you turned our lives around."

7.5 months   |   From Mum, Biljana


"I just wanted to send an email expressing my gratitude to Marnie. My 7.5 month old son had never slept in his cot. I fed him to sleep and bed shared for a long 6.5 months, until I just couldn't do it anymore. My sleep was suffering and so was his. I kept putting off sleep training because I was afraid that it would lead to lots of crying - my son is strong willed and I just didn't think it would work for him.

I got a referral for sleep school but thought I might try something else in the meantime. A couple of friends had recommended Whispers Cottage so I contacted them and Marnie got back to me quickly. She turned up days later and to my amazement, my son was asleep for his nap in his cot within 20 minutes. Marnie was so calm and helpful and never expected me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. That night, he slept through in his cot with one feed (instead of snacking all night) and has done so since. This was an unexpected bonus.

While there is no magic cure-all and we still have our ups and downs, I feel like I now have the confidence and knowledge to follow this through. Marnie has offered so much support and answered all of the (many) questions I have had through this process. I can't believe the sleep problems we had for so long were rectified in a 2 hour visit and I no longer need my referral to sleep school."


Siena    |    5 months   |   From Mum, Katrina


"Before Marnie’s visit Siena was able to sleep anywhere but her cot.  Her bassinette had gotten very little use and it looked like it was going to be the same with the new cot we had bought her.  She slept in the carrier, the car or in my arms. This meant long walks and drives, very uncomfortable (and little) sleep for me and almost no breaks in my day where I wasn’t holding her.  I fed her to sleep and to settle her at night as that was the only thing that seemed to work from the start.  My final strategy was to lie next to her and feed her to sleep but this meant that my partner could never put her to bed and I always had to be home for bedtime.


We contacted Whispers Cottage when Siena was almost 5 months old because I was worried about starting back to work and Siena not being able to settle without me.  In desperation I tried letting her cry in her cot, as was suggested to me by friends, but 30 minutes into her cries Siena was out of her cot and I was online booking a visit from Marnie because I really didn’t feel I knew what I was doing.  


I tried to keep my expectations realistic, thinking surely with all the bad habits we had formed it would take months to fix or that there would be long nights of crying in our future.  Neither of these things were true. After Marnie’s visit we had all the skills we needed to settle her quickly and efficiently.


I loved the very holistic approach that was used, looking at feeding and awake time as well as Siena’s sleep and I loved that I wasn’t being asked to ignore the cries of my baby for long periods of time.  That first night (and every night since) Siena stayed in her cot the whole night.  We (my partner was finally able to participate in the settling process) were able to quickly settle her back to sleep if she woke but even better, she was able to settle herself.  A few times that night she let out a brief cry then resettled. Success!  She seems much more rested in the mornings and throughout the day, as am I.


I am writing this review as Siena naps peacefully in her cot and I try to remember what it was I used to do before my entire day was spent holding a baby.  I couldn’t recommend this service more."