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Whispers Cottage is a private home visiting service run by Registered Nurses, Midwives and Child and Family Health Nurses, caring for mothers and babies with feeding problems, sleep and settling issues, and postnatal depression. Whispers Cottage is staffed by Registered Nurses and Midwives, with extensive training in Karitane parent crafting, Tresillian nursing, postnatal care, antenatal and parent education, lactation support and postnatal depression.

Whispers Cottage has operated since 2003 as a highly successful private day stay program.

We now do home visits to suit you & your baby’s routine during the  day or evening.


Visits are by made appointment to suit you , please see our booking link to book in a time that suits you, or you may call us on 9526 2377.


We can help you with:

Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding

We can help with breastfeeding  including attachment, positioning, management of low supply/oversupply. Advice on quantity and preparation of formula for infants.


Sleep and settling

We’ll show you how to recognise tired signs to help promote a good sleep routine, and can teach you various settling and calming techniques.


From breast to bottle, breast to solids, or bottle to solids, our nurses  can make it an easier transition.

Reflux management

We provide advice on strategy and routine changes to help manage Gastro Oesophageal Reflux

Introduction to solids

We will give you guidance about staring solids and when to introduce certain food groups. Texture & volume of solid food is incorporated into age appropriate breast or bottle feeding routines.  

Routine management

We can advise you of the best feed, play and sleep routines for you & your baby.

Mild postnatal mood disorders

We can offer support to manage the impact of hormonal and lifestyle changes on your feeling of wellbeing.

Toddler management and behavioural issues

We’ll help to manage the demands, tantrums and other challenges of this stage of your child’s development.

Our qualified staff will visit you in the comfort of your home to assess your family’s needs. We’ll provide a tailored package to encourage the positive growth and development of your child and family.  We understand that parenting can be difficult and our staff will support you through the demanding and joyful times.


We also provide follow up care, to ensure that the techniques we’ve introduced have been helpful.


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